The Illinois Alliance to Prevent Gun Violence is a coalition of grassroots organizations from across Illinois working to reduce gun violence in our great state. We recognize that there is no easy solution to the epidemic of gun violence that plagues not only Illinois, but the entire country, and we are resolute in our determination to defeat this scourge at every level. 

 The successful reduction of gun violence in Illinois involves legislation, yes, but much more than legislation. Rather, it involves a recognition of the social inequities and prejudices that gun manufacturers all too willingly prey upon as they market firearms to both adults and children. It involves a recognition that gun suicides plague our rural counties, bringing waves of despair, just as every day gun violence debases our great cities. It understands that there can be no meaningful “freedom” in a place where gun violence is now the leading cause of death for children. It understands that irresponsible gun storage is a significant contributing factor in both inadvertent shootings and carefully planned mass killings. And it understands that success in this endeavor requires the leadership and insights that come from survivors, underserved communities, those who live with discrimination every day, and the incredible power of emerging youth leadership. That’s what this Alliance is all about.

Join us. Let’s get to work.